What to Look for When Buying Indoor Soccer Shoes

Soccer game is a sport that is played both indoors and outdoors. The main body parts used in playing the game are your feet. It therefore goes without saying that soccer shoes are the most essential equipment necessary for the game. Actually, in some professional leagues you cannot play unless you have the right soccer shoes. This does not only apply with outdoors but also indoor soccer. It is therefore crucial that you buy yourself the right indoor soccer shoes for your game.

Choosing indoors soccer shoes can be quite challenging and difficult. This is especially if you don’t have sufficient much information on what should work well where. When you go out to buy shoes for you indoor soccer, there are a number of factors you need to put into consideration so that you buy the best shoes. Being informed of what to look for when buying indoor soccer shoes is very vital for a player. This is because we all want shoes that will serve their intended purpose well, shoes that are comfortable, durable and not too heavy so as to reduce the performance. The following are some of the major factors to consider when buying indoor soccer shoes; the shoe design and material used to make, the durability of the shoe based on the design and the material, the level of performance in regard to its make and weight.

The Material used to make the Shoes

The material used to make the upper part soccer shoes can be very important in determining the shoes performance. When choosing the indoor soccer shoes to buy, it is important to determine the kind of conditions and indoor field you will be playing on. Different materials are suitable for varied conditions. The material used to make soccer shoes is also a great determinant on the durability of the shoes. Considering the conditions of the playing surface, you need to find materials that will make your shoes last a bit longer.

The most commonly used materials in making soccer shoes are leather, rubber and synthetic leather. Leathers made shoes are considered the most long lasting, hence coming at a slightly higher price than the others. However, they are quite heavy compared to the common synthetic leather are tend to absorb water easily. With this information, you will make up your mind on which soccer shoes to buy depending on your financial consideration and the conditions of the playing field. In this regard, it is advisable not to buy any shoes made of plastic, the durability is highly compromised.

The Design of the shoes

As opposed to the common types of shoes available for outdoor soccer, those that have studs at the bottom, the design for indoor soccer shoes is quite different. It is crucial to understand that indoor soccer shoes do not have studs at the bottom at all. Instead they a very flat rubber sole with no marks, well designed to be user on hard flat indoor surface. The indoor soccer shoes should be very light in weight and resemble closely the low-cut sneakers.

With this in mind, the design for indoor soccer shoes is very important to the player. When buying indoors soccer shoes make sure to choose the right shape best on t your feet. They should be fitting you well and flat enough. The way the shoes are designed is very crucial in their performance. Choosing a wrong design will reduce their performance and general durability. Make sure to select the best design. They should be thin, simple and with no extra marking son the sole and very light in weight.

The Comfort and Durability

When choosing the best indoor soccer shoes, make sure to pick those with a reinforced toe box. This is because when playing the game, a player tends to drag their feet as they kick. The reinforced toe box will therefore ensure the shoes are not easily torn due to tear and wear when they come in contact with the hard surface. This enhances durability of the shoes.

Generally, for indoor soccer shoes, make sure to select shoe designs that exhibit increased protection and resistance to abrasion .This should be more placed on the toes area and the kicking areas to reduce the impact of the shoe with the surface, this in turn will offer increased durability for your indoor soccer shoes.

On the factor of comfort, indoor soccer shoes should have features that ensure they are soft and comfortable. The middle inner sole should be more cushioned compared to other common outdoor soccer shoes. This cushioning for comfort can be by either use of rubber or EVA on the inner soles. Nike and Adidas are some of the shoe brands that have indoor soccer shoes with increased comfort and durability due to the way they are designed.

The Weight of the Shoes

Indoor soccer as already identified, is played on a flat surface field. The shoes are supposed to have a flat sole without studs. In addition to these design considerations, indoor soccer shoes are supposed to be very light in weight for increased performance. Depending on how experienced a player is, the lighter the shoe, the better the performance in the game. There are a number of factors that help determine how light a shoe can be. They include the type of material used to make the upper part and the shoe design and the materials used to make the lower sole. Based on how well experienced you are as a player, it is important to choose the shoes with the weight that will enhance your performance. Shoes made of synthetic leather are lighter that those made of pure leather. In relation to this, the shoes whose sole is made of rubber are also considered light and good in performance.


Choosing the best shoes for indoor soccer can be quite difficult. It is therefore important to understand the variations in design, materials used to make, weight and your experience. This will help you make the right choice in relation to performance versus durability. For instance, light shoes are considered good for increased performance, yet they are not as durable as heavier ones. It is therefore crucial to be informed so that you know what to look for when buying indoor soccer shoes.

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