Kelme Michelin 360 Star Review & Alternatives

Shoes by Kelme have a long history in the Futsal world. This shoe, the Kelme 360 Michelin Star has also been around for a long time, since around 2004. A lot of professional players have played on these and also the recreational players use them a lot. Is it still worth it? We looked at 871 reviews to find out.

79 Calculated score
Build quality66
[ms_row] [ms_counter box_width="1/4" top_icon="" top_icon_color="" middle_left_icon="" counter_num="60" middle_left_text="" middle_right_text="" bottom_title="" border="1" class="" id=""] [/ms_row] gave it a 60% score.
"So would I recommend these to the indoor maestro? Nope. But I would put in a kind word to the weekend warrior looking to conserve his hard-earned money."

On there was a user that gave it a 20% score, because of the problems with finding the right size.
"Even with the 9.5 US, there was still an excessive amount of room in my toes, so I will have to send them back and begin my search for another pair."


Weight: ~10.4oz

Manufacturer: Kelme

Estimated price: $35

Available since: 2004

Material: Leather, mesh, suede


PROS thumbsup

  • It’s available for a very low price. Amazon has it available for around $35 depending on your shoe size and location.
  • People find it to be well stitched and have a durable feel to it. So this shoe should supposedly last a while.
  • Good grip


  • The biggest problem is definitely the size. People from the United States with a size 10 have had to go down to a size 9 until they found the right fit. Be sure to take this into account when purchasing the shoe.
  • Some people find that the laces are pretty long.

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